About Us

Taiwan Education Center, Thailand

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) ’s academic ties in Thailand have been flourishing for decades. Common interests and common attitudes towards research and academic development have kept exchanges healthy – and active. By 1998, NPUST had already forged sister-school relationships with two of Thailand’s top institutes of learning. At present, the number stands at 38.

When the Taiwan Ministry of Education asked NPUST to host the Taiwan Education Center (TEC) in Thailand, it was honored. To get the new enterprise going, NPUST called on one of its closest friends in the country, Kasetsart University, who agreed to give the TEC a home on their beautiful campus in Bangkok – it was a privilege. From this central command center, NPUST worked to set up branches in a few other locations to give more Thai students the chance to benefit from the valuable resources it offers. Maejo University in Chiang Mai, and Rajamangala University of Technology Isan in Nakhon Ratchasima graciously accepted the offer.

Now, partnering with 4 of NPUST’s sister-schools, the Taiwan Education Center in Thailand is facilitating interaction between academic and research institutions in Taiwan and Thailand, providing Thai students with language learning resources, creating opportunities for exchange, and promoting projects beneficial to development in both countries.



  • Publicize Higher Education in Taiwan
  • Provide guidance to Thai students applying to study in Taiwan
  • Participate in overseas education exhibitions in Thailand
  • Promote and offer Chinese language classes and other special classes
  • Pursue opportunities for bilateral academic cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand

TEC Activities

  1. Provide Guidance

– via consultation in-person/telephone/email/social media  [Facebook, Website and Youtube]

2. Participate in Education Fairs

By participating in education fairs organized by Thai schools and universities, TEC hopes to let more Thai students know about the great higher-education opportunities that await them in Taiwan.

3. Enhance Bilateral Academic Cooperation

TEC supports and facilitates when Taiwan universities visit Thailand universities and/or institutions.

4. Organize Education Fairs

–  Taiwan Higher Education Exposition 2014 (Khon Kaen)

–  Taiwan Higher Education Exposition 2015 (Bangkok)

–  Taiwan Higher Education Exposition 2016 (Chiang Mai)

–  Taiwan Higher Education Fairs 2017 (Bangkok)

–  Taiwan Higher Education Fairs 2018 (Bangkok)

–  Taiwan Higher Education Fairs 2019 (Chiang Mai & Bangkok)

5. Commence Chinese Classes

Small-size Chinese language courses are designed to give students the best opportunities to learn Chinese language skills.

6. Organize TOCFL (Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language)

Whether for personal learning goals or academic requirements, everyone is welcomed to join the TOCFL proficiency tests we offer.