【112.10.3】2023 彰化師大秋季線上華語課

🌿2023 彰化師大秋季線上華語課
👉2 Different periods of classes:
夜間班Night Classes
日間班Morning Classes
👉We provide various kinds of topic courses:
1.入門華語A Introductory Chinese A
2.入門華語B Introductory Chinese B
3.發音與會話 Pronunciation & Conversation
4.生活華語 Elementary Living Chinese

線上報名 Online Application

🔎More Information 👇👇👇

優惠方案 Discount Options:
快閃價Pop-up Price:5% off 2023/10/10
報名2門課程Sign up for 2 classes:10% off 2023/10/18

1. 優惠方案僅能擇一使用
2. 在優惠截止期限前完成繳費之報名者可享學費優惠。
3. 若確定開班日期晚於優惠截止期限,則需於通知繳費後兩日內完成繳費方享有優惠。

1. Students can only choose 1 option to have the discount price.
2. Both options are available for the applicants who finish the payment by the regulated date.
3. If the class is confirmed to start later than the regulated date, the discount will be only applied to the applicants who finish the payment within two days after the notice of payment.

更多疑問More Inquiries 👇👇👇👇
email : nancy0714@cc.ncue.edu.tw
phone number : 04-7232105 ext.1672

Cr: https://www.facebook.com/NCUELCCH/posts/pfbid0Xr6Hz4Rpnx27P81AWcPmb3oRMXGSDLvczTWC68JE1TyqWhe5LPZUr2apiL3qMsLLl

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