【2021.12.9】NPTU Online Chinese Language Program 2021

👉NPTU Online Chinese Language Program 2021👈

☘Duration: December 20, 2021~February 18, 2022Language use: The courses will be conducted in Chinese and English

1. Speaking and Listening
2. Reading and Writing

☘Topics on:
* Shopping
*Food and drinks
*Location and Positions
*Time (time-when and time-duration)

☘Learning objectives:
* Learning to ask and talk about prices.
* Learning to ask for reasons.
* Learning to use simple phrases to describe the size and function of common objects.
* Learning the names of common foods and describing their taste.
* Leaning to express likes for and make simple comments about food.
* Learning to describe what somebody can/can not do and how well one does it. * Learning to ask for help.
* Learning to describe locations (e.g. near or far)
* Learning to talk about place in the vicinity of other places
* Learning to make simple comments about the appearance of a place.
* Learning to tell and ask about time
* Learning to describe an activity that takes place at a point in time (time-when) or during a certain frame (time-duration )
* Learning to make appointments with friends.
* Learning to talk about habitual activities.

☘Cost: 5,100 NT
☘Early bird: 4,100 NT before December 10, 2021/per program.

☘Apply Now: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSiTzyff_iivx1nd8KnmjiJSKAJzXd8SLzEeRzDBQeWecS5A/viewform

☘For further information, please contact:
NPTU Chinese Language Center, Taiwan
e-mail: clc@mail.nptu.edu.twline: nptuclc
Tel: +8868-7663800 # 24001 or 24002