【2022.11.3】2023 fall IBP Application 🥳 Now Open 🥰

🥰 2023 fall IBP Application 🥳 Now Open 🥰
IBP offers 4 majors: Chinese, Business Management (English-taught), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (English-taught), and Engineering Technology (English-taught).IBP also provides an excellent new environment adjustment platform. Don’t worry when you face a whole new environment

❤️Would you like to seek a brighter future with solid knowledge and learning experience? Would you like to learn Chinese in a warm and friendly environment to widen your career fields globally? Smart as you, don’t miss the chance🤓

Application system: https://nthuibp-admission.vm.nthu.edu.tw/member/login

✨✨For students, parents, teachers, or people who are interested in IBP, welcome to make an appointment with us: https://forms.gle/AcJLyFDKk9D6zWWYA
Official website: https://ibp.nthu.edu.tw/
YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/…/UC0JpsGtqCuFXT-CykNAXMDQ/videos
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nthuibp_official/
Email: ibp@my.nthu.edu.tw