【2023.11.15】National Tsing Hua University — Foreign Student Applications Now Open! — 2024 September Entry

Application Guidelines for International Students Fall 2024 (Undergraduate Program)

Application Guidelines for International Students Fall 2024 (Graduate Program)

Program is fully taught in English
🪶College of Science
– Department of Chemistry (Master&Ph.D.)
– Institute of Astronomy (Master&Ph.D.)
🪶College of Engineering
– Department of Chemical Engineering (Master&Ph.D.)
– Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Master&Ph.D.)
– Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems (Master&Ph.D.)
🪶College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
– International Master Program in Information Systems and Applications (IMPISA program – ICDF) (Master)
Institute of
🪶College of Humanities and Social Sciences
– Anthropology (English-taught Master’s Program in
Austronesian Studies)
🪶College of Technology Management
– International Master of Business Administration (Master)
– International MBA in Technology Management (TaiwanICDF) (Master)
– Department of English Instruction (Master)
🪶Office of Academic Affairs
– International Intercollegiate MS Program (India Studies)
– International Intercollegiate Ph.D. Program (General Section)
– Ph.D. Program in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence

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