【2021.10.14】 2022 IBP Fall Application starts–National Tsing Hua University

🔉2022 IBP Fall Application starts–National Tsing Hua University

Now we are recruiting new students for the 2022 fall semester and open application system from now on to 2nd May, 2022.IBP is the only undergraduate program containing whole English-taught courses* at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). We provide 2 groups with 4 majors for your options.
☘Group A: International Chinese Language with Multiple Discipline
🍂Group B (English-taught course): Business Management
🍂Group B (English-taught course): Engineering Technology
🍂Group B (English-taught course): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
*IBP whole English-taught courses means providing enough English-taught courses to graduate.

IBP application system (no application fee due to the consideration of COVID-19 influence in the world): https://nthuibp-admission.vm.nthu.edu.tw/

For more information about IBP 2022 fall semester application, please check our application guidelines: https://ibp.nthu.edu.tw/userf…/files/20210913061926510.pdf
For scholarship, please visit Office of Global Affairs website: https://oga.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/412-1524-18035.php?Lang=en
website: https://ibp.nthu.edu.tw/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NTHUibp

If you have any questions, welcome to contact Ms. Lin and Ms. Sek at:
Ms. Lin and Ms. Sek
E-mail: ibp@my.nthu.edu.tw